Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It rained today

and we sure needed it. We haven't had a drop in over a month. When I walk through the grass, I can feel it crunch beneath me. The trees are loosing leaves prematurely. The weeping river birch is almost bare. When, and if the wind blows, it looks like fall, leaves flying through the air. The heat reminds me it is summer here.

So Dash, Pink ninja and I were in the house today, we played, and talked. Pink Ninja, is trying her darndest to potty train. However, refuses to wear her diaper, or pants of any sort still. In fact I think she would prefer to be naked all of the time. When Pink ninja went down for a nap, I laid on the floor with Dash and held him, we watched a movie, and he talked to me. He wanted definitions of the following words.


We sang

Pop goes the Weasel
Itsy Bitsy Spider
You are my Sunshine

He pretended to take my nose off of my face and eat it, and then would pretend to take it out of his mouth and put it back...

We had a good day.....

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