Friday, September 30, 2005

Cold Snap

Ahhhhh....Last night before I went to bed, I turned off the air conditioning. It has been running since April. I woke this a.m. and it is 53 degrees out! Brrr...... and I love it. I am going to put coveralls on Pink Ninja, blue jeans on Dash, and after we go to the bank, we are going to the park. I am going to let them run and run. Then I am going to put them in the stroller and I am going to try to get a two mile walk in. I am never sure how long they will sit. They might like to sit today and look at all of the pretty trees.

Other big plans are to find my Mom's oatmeal and raisin cookie recipe. I want to spend the afternoon baking.

Today I am thrilled with the prospect of apple and pumpkin pie, fuzzy sweaters, leather jackets, down comforters, snuggling, my black leather gloves with fur at the cuffs, pumpkins on my porch, and brightly colored leaves, my bouclee suits, tall boots and more snuggling.

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