Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Silent night in a beehive

I can breath tonight, perhaps take a bubble bath, and not feel as though I am on the edge of the Earth sliding off.


SR made it through Monday, and today. No problems. He took his Spanish quiz today and ailed it, even though his time studying was 15 minutes. Ask me if I recall what we studied. All periodic is memorized, and he continues to educate us all! I might know 20 by the end of the month.

PN, is doing well, and although she is owly after her all day kindergarten, she is learning, to go to her room, work on her art, listen to music, and settle herself down after her snack. She then smiles, and is happy.

The Christmas program went well Sunday. The children sang and sang. WE went early to get good seats, but bam it was a full house! We had 10 people with us, and we ended up all in the front row! Which is great to see the children, but makes filming problematic.

PN is 3rd row, on the end in the black turtleneck. SR was in the middle, and I was unable to get good video of him. However I kept commenting to my sister during the program like the children reminded me of a darn beehive. Buzzing, and moving, and twisting the entire time.

WE have another Thanksgiving this week, and are looking forward to seeing some of DH's family. I have 2 extra days off this week and am hoping to use my time wisely.

Other things are in the works...


soldierdeb said...

Have a great Thanksgiving with the family.

XtnYoda said...

Sooo much fun to see!!!

But, aren't you and D being just a little overbearing to bring your children up to know the Lord? :-)

I posted about the article you suggested! Thanks!!!


Have a blessed Thanksgiving and give my love to all!


Lemon Stand said...

Happy and blessed Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

Guard Wife said...

Enjoy your week. Here's to both of us making wise use of our time!!

vet66 said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. We will raise a glass to our brothers and sisters in the military, their families and all of our friends and family. We all have much to be Thankful for.


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jck said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful day with family and friends!