Friday, October 17, 2008

UNL CANCELS domestic terrorist Ayer's speech, at University 100 year celebration!

Now I can SAY GO BIG RED, without feeling like a complete communist!


However, the University gave this reason

BY MELISSA LEE / Lincoln Journal Star
Friday, Oct 17, 2008 - 06:30:42 pm CDT

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln announced late Friday it has canceled a Nov. 15 appearance by William Ayers for security reasons.

“The university’s threat assessment group monitored e-mails and other information UNL received... and identified safety concerns which resulted in the university canceling the event,” read a statement issued by UNL.

I actually think THIS might be THE REASON!

Phone calls, e-mails and statements poured in from alumni, donors, citizens and political leaders furious that Ayers had been chosen to help celebrate the education college’s 100th anniversary.

Callers flooded the offices of university leaders, some threatening to pull financial support unless UNL rescinded its invitation.

Regent's Chairman says...

“Who we invite matters,” Regents Chairman Chuck Hassebrook of Lyons said Thursday. “In all honesty, if I were that college, I would disinvite him. In general I just don’t think it’s a good thing to go around blowing other people up.”


Some Soldier's Mom said...

ok, if it matters to the people of Nebraska that Ayers was just going to speak, why doesn't it seem to matter to the people voting for Obama that those two have a long-standing relationship (despite Obama's assertions to the contrary??) domestic terrorist: can you say Timothy McVeigh??

Anonymous said...

I like to believe you had a HUGE part in that flood of emails and calls. I've seen you linked all over in conjunction with this story. Good on you for taking the fight to them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the threat e-mails they have received are the ones you mentioned, those threatening to take away donations.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see UNL woke up!!!

airforcewife said...

Fox is covering this right now!

They're interviewing the governor right now (who is applauding) and Greta outright called UNL liars for saying it was "security reasons".

They should totally have mentioned AWTM.

Chuck said...

I think the threats to security they were worried about was the threat to the financial security of the trustees and the alumni association.

Anonymous said...

thank you michelle malkin for your words of wisdom this past year about people like ayres and jane fonda. thank you a viet nam vet.

vet66 said...

I can only imagine that the alumni who threatened to pull donations will be the same ones who quietly vote for McCain/Palin 11/4.

Interesting that it was the college of education that invited him in the first place. It shows how far the Ayers/Alinsky cancer has spread in our educational system. Makes me wonder where Ward Churchill is hanging out these days.

Great work as usual to you and Michelle.

Anonymous said...

"In general I just don’t think it’s a good thing to go around blowing other people up."

That's gotta be one of the first times I've ever heard an academic weenie make a noise that sounded like he had a lick of sense.

Hope that starts a trend :-)

Guard Wife said...

Alumni, donors and their MONEY. Period. End of sentence.

Thanks for shining a light on this one, AWTM.