Thursday, October 16, 2008

University of Nebraska welcomes domestic terrorist to be Keynote speaker....

Hat Tip, to Tammi

By MELISSA LEE/Lincoln Journal Star
Thursday, Oct 16, 2008 - 12:24:33 pm CDT

William Ayers, a founder of an organization that bombed public buildings in protest against the Vietnam War, has been invited to speak at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln next month.

Ayers is scheduled to deliver a keynote address Nov. 15 during a weekend celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the founding of UNL’s Teachers College, now called the College of Education and Human Sciences.

My Husband is Alumni from UNL, I too attended UNL for 2 1/2 years.

I will say this, the foundation, had better think twice, about calling this house and asking for any sort of financial support.

Feel free to call the Office of The Chancellor at (402) 472-2116, or email him at

Or contact the President of UNL at (402) 472-8636

I actually called The Chancellor, and no one answered.

So I called the President at the University, and spoke of my utter disgust. As the wife of a Veteran, and as an American, and as a family of Alumni, the welcoming of an admitted terrorist sickens me.

Need money Alumni...?

Our money is from the Department of Defense, I do not think you want it...


Anonymous said...

Get 'em AWTM
You got the Canadian Support!

Anonymous said...

I knew as soon as I read that you'd be pissed. *I* was pissed.....

Thanks for the contact info. I shot them an email and let them know they will NOT be on any of the lists of potential colleges for ANY young person I have say with.

Anonymous said...

don't be so emotional. Granted i do not condone the bombing of public buildings, but I also would be so quick to label someone with a label like 'terrorist'. That is just as bad as a left wing nut saying he is some sort of 'freedom fighter'. Let's maintain an element of rationale, and understand the constitution still has 2nd amendment rights not for people to go hunting but to bear arms in the event a government becomes oppressive and doesnt carry out the will of the people. My question would be, do we even know when the government would be commiting such acts? Or are we at such a point that everything the government says is something we should believe in? labels based on acts they committed 40 years ago to describe the persons character.

Anonymous said...

Mr. A#1: Terrorist is a permanent status, like a Senator or a victim of terrorist atrocities.

Rachelle Jones said...

I am NOT going to apologize for calling Bill Ayers a terrorist...

Anonymous said...

AWTM - I completely agree. This man and his wife's utter disdain for America and the freedoms they enjoy is just unreal. He is completely unrepentant about his actions.

Anonymous #1: I too am not going to apologize for calling Ayers a terrorist. Your comments do an extreme disservice to all the men and women who have fought and are fighting for this Republic.

Fermina Daza said...

Ok Anonymous, you want to be rational...let's be rational.

William Ayers is a murderer. Plain and simple. He is also a person who admits to setting bombs at the NY City Police Headquarters, the US Capitol Building, the Pentagon, and the memorial to the Haymarket Riots and then says that not only that he doesn't regret doing so but that he thinks that he didn't do enough. He is unrepentant at best.

Many in this country decry Sarah Palin and her supposed lack of executive experience. I would argue that I'd rather have someone like her a heartbeat away from the Oval Office than an unrepentant, blood-on-his-hands, leftist, small 'c' communist anywhere near the White House any damn day of the week.

Chuck said...

Anonymous: You're a chickenshit. You don't even want anyone to know your name, but feel free to spout your tripe.

Terrorism is an act of violence against a populace, to achieve political gains. Planting bombs in a civilian building (like the capitol) or the pentagon, (a building with thousands of civilian employees) to make a political statement, is terrorism.

Bill Ayers is an Unrepentant terrorist, and belongs speaking in a place of education about as much as Kim Jong Il needs to speak at a Human Rights rally.

It doesn't matter when he tried to murder people, there is no statute of limitations on murder or attempted murder.

airforcewife said...

Don't be so quick to throw around the word "terrorist"? What the hell? If you don't call someone who bombs and kills people - particularly on their home soil, a terrorist, what DO you call them? Misguided?

Give it a REST!

Here's how I feel - I sent my husband to war twice so far to fight terrorists. I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to excuse some arrogant asshole who gamed the system just because he wears clean clothes and is a teacher of teachers. In fact, I would NEVER let my child anywhere NEAR a school or project that he was involved in.

I'd love to see a protest outside Ayers speech - people with blood on their hands. You know, because the left is so big on symbolism. Maybe that's language they can understand? I wonder if I can come visit AWTM and participate in that one.

Guard Wife said...

Oh, guys...come ON. Let's not be so quick to judge Anonymous.

I mean, after all, maybe Anonymous was just a wee lad or lass when Ayers committed these acts of domestic terrorism and, therefore, not qualified to make any kind of judgment call one way or the other, right? Isn't that how the logic on that one works?

Or, maybe Anonymous has decided to forgive Ayers and his ilk for what they did "forty years ago" because, you know, like 40 years is like such a long time and all. Unfortunately for Anon. and some guy who wants to be President, if someone isn't repetent or asking for any kind of forgiveness, your 'denouncing' and forgiving is a moot point.

And, at exactly what point is it okay for one to forgive such 'despicable acts' as Obama has termed them? Would it have made a difference if it were four years ago rather than 40? I'm going to guess a big, fat NO on that one.

Anonymous, let's see if I can break this down for you in the language of your peers:
Like, um, I know it's way cool to go to college and become all like enlightened and shizz. And, you feel like all smart and that those of us who have already been to college and grad school and law school are like, uh, too old to get it the way in which you and your friends do. But, terrorism is terrorism. Period. Look it up...and not on wikipedia. It's what it is. Ayers isn't making excuses for his behavior, so why do you feel the need to do it unless, like, uh, you KNOW what happened is wrong?

The Alumni are the ONLY ones who will make a difference because the Alumni and their money is very important to a university. Holding on to donations is about the only way to grease a squeaky college wheel.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You got a real life troll! Or was I too quick to judge.

Right on sister! I don't know why this person would be in a position to educate ANYONE.

Anonymous said...

I am from Nebraska and the sad part about this for me is beyond even the evil that Ayers is responsible for as a member of the Weather Underground. For that he should have been rotting in jail.
It is that his current leadership position in the education community has even more evil and pernicious possibilities. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge he and Obama ran was a dismal failure. They went through $100,000,000 and the students in Chicago were worse off than when they started. The bombing in the 60's end the lives of several people. If the policies he and Obama tried in Chicago are put in place across the country we will be doomed. Keep writing letters and making phone calls. This is about more than one thug.

Anonymous said...

Bill Ayers did not kill anybody. His two pond bomb that he placed at the Pentagon didn't kill anybody, and he alerted people in the area that he was doing so in order that they don't get hurt. Terrorist? Maybe to an unjust government, but not commiting random acts to terrorize like bin Laden.

He wasa fugitive in the 70s, and turned himself in. He was acquitted and returned to school, and has become distinguished in his field.

Army Wife, you should not hide behind your "Department of Defense Dollars" talk, you should demand that those dollars defend the freedom of speech.