Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What about the milblogging conference?

A sneak peak from

Andi of SpouseBUZZ has released some information to me about this year’s Milblog Conference. While this isn’t a formal announcement, I’m sure it’ll answer some of the questions many of you have until all the details have been finalized.

When and Where?

This year’s Milblog Conference will be joining with Blog World Expo and will take place in Las Vegas in September.

Official Conference Website?

There won’t be an official Milblog Conference blog for 2008. will serve as the website for all related news and information.

Conference Panels?

There will be four panels.

Panel 1 - Are MilBlogs Still Relevant?

In the wake of a successful military surge in Iraq, waning media attention and an election year, are Milblogs as relevant to the national conversation on war as they once were?

Panel 2 - The Hidden Heroes.

Fighting and winning battles on the home front. How Milblogging gives a voice to those left behind, and how that voice is effectively used to support an entire military community.

Panel 3 - The New Cadre of War Reporters.

Reporting from inside the Green Zone is not an option for this gritty band of milbloggers who are armed with technology that allows them to report directly from the battlefield.

Panel 4 - TBA

I promised Andi I wouldn’t make the fourth panel public until I get the ok. It could be about anything. Personally, I’m hoping for ninjas. I heard they can fight skillfully with any object. I’d really like to see what a Ninja could do with a Milbloggie. Balance it on their head. Split 10 Milbloggies stacked together like bricks with one single chop. Shoot one across the room like a throwing star if someone in the audience starts nodding off.

The possibilities are endless.

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