Sunday, March 30, 2008

100 boxes down, 1/2 a house painted, 25 bags of leaves.....

What are you doing?

This is going to sound bitchy. So sorry. But my blog is certainly irreverent. It may also be one of those posts that gets removed...

I am tired of people asking me why things are taking so long...

They just are, and I really have been moving as fast as one can. Single parenting, takes time. I still have the normal things to account for. Meals, packing lunches, entertaining children, homework, laundry and the like...oh and the 2 months of walking pneumonia did not help much, as it affected my energy levels immensely.

It would be busy here without moving honestly. I run a tight and busy ship.

My Father seems to have taken pity on my soul this week, and has decided I am in need of rescuing.

Can I tell you, I am not thrilled at the idea.

I do not like being rescued.

I am capable.

So now I need to decide to look into the depths of my soul and decide if I am a martyr, or just independent. Frankly, I like to believe I am capable. I do not like people coming to help. I can do it. I am the Queen of "OK".

Stubborn, maybe.

But I do not like asking for help. I am unsure why, but I do not. Pride? Perhaps. Stupid? Maybe. But frankly, in the last 17 years, I have not asked anyone for help. Prayers, sure....and I have been blessed. But "help"...not often.

The last thing I want is my Father coming down to rescue me...

Help, I can stand. Rescuing is not my bag.

And now for the next week I get to think about why I am taking issue is with this.

Frankly a lot of it has to do with folks telling people "Oh, she really needs my help, so I am going to help her." That bothers me, and it may be idiotic, but it does.

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