Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Easter Egg Hunt

Was very fun!!

The adults really went all out to make the day very special for all of the kids. A Deaon and his wife hosted the event at their lovely property.

I have never seen soooooo many eggs. Seriously. A lot of eggs. There had to have been over 1000. Some folks spent a lot of time stuffing eggs, and putting them out.

When each child was born I bought them the gargantuan Pottery Barn Easter Baskets. They are really huge. they filled them.

I am not sure how many children were there, too many to count. But they organized it well, and even had a megaphone to direct the kids, they divided the kids up into age groups. It was nice.

It must have taken the folks hours to lay the eggs out. We literally could see the lawn looking very polka dotted with them when we were a block or so away. 1 1/2 acres of eggs.

The children managed to sweep the lawn within 20 minutes.

When the kids were done picking additional prizes, they had a picnic lunch for all of us. It was really fun, and a wonderful way to spend the morning.

The Collective were well behaved, and it was sooo much fun. I am sorry DH was not here, he would have loved it.

The church we attend, really does really go all out for the children, and I love that.

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