Monday, March 17, 2008


Do not tell the germ fairies I am feeling a teeny bit better.

Seriously, every single time they find out, I am back in the crapper.

In moving news. A truck load of crap has been moved out of our home.

Ahhhh...I can almost see the floor of the garage.

I also managed to clean out some of my paperwork. I keep all manuals, to every thing I buy. There were manuals to things that we no longer own. I am trying to gather all manuals for the new homeowners.

My closet is almost cleaned out.

OK, if the weather holds up, which it appears it will not, I am going to try and pressure wash the house, and windows up front.

Last couple of weeks that prject has been foiled by rain, snow, and illness.

Our only REAL Easter stuff is done and behind us. We have two Easter Egg hunts to attend to this weekend. The Collective have new Easter clothes, for the day, and of course Spring photos, which I do every year.

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