Tuesday, March 04, 2008

confessions of a person moving....

Dear readers, the tops of my kitchen cupboards were GROSS yesterday. They really were, if ANYONE would have seen them I would have crawled in a hole. Gross.

Also, please no one show up while my house is in this torn up. Very unrelaxing to be around boxes, cleaning supplies, ick.

I would be embarassed for anyone to see my house in its current state.

I am purging now.

I am collecting EVERYTHING we have not used in a year, and am donating it. What a relief that is. I have been haning on to some truly worthless items. How many glass candle holders does one house need? How many depression era vases do I need? Seriously? Unless it is a family heirloom, or is usefull it is OUT OF HERE. I currently have about 7 boxes of things to donate to ARC. (My first choice was DAV, but there is not one here in town.) I will gladly take the deduction.

Do I really need VHS of Planet of the Apes? I think not.

Do I really need a bowl with a hairline crack in it?

Do I really need a vinyl tablecloth which has never been used?

Odd stuff I am finding around.

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