Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Looks like rain.

Darn it, I was on a roll too.

Darn it.

It is very overcast, and I am afraid if I paint, it will rain. If I do not paint, it will not rain.

Just because.

There is plenty to do around here.

So I am going to give in to the wash machine today.

I also have a truck that is filled with Sunday school projects, and random grossness. The truck windows are smeared from little fingers, which is one of my biggest peeves on the planet.

Tomorrow I am taking a phlebotomy class. LPNs were not required to draw blood when I graduated nursing school in days of yor. However we need to know how now. So I am taking a phlebotomy all day class tomorrow. Fun!

Let me mention, I hate giving shots, starting IVs. Hate it. I do not like poking people.

I get to poke people all day.


So no painting today, darn.

Going to try and get the interior caught up.

My goal is to have the house ready to show in 2 weeks.

Is that reasonable?

I hope so.

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