Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am a dork

I have tried to unplug this week...

Seriously. I have spent more time in bed, watching ridiculous television. Looks like I have not been missing anything, and this Spitzer thing....$4,300 for a chick off of myspace? Oh and involving yourself with prostitution rings, even though you have made a career out of busting them. Also funding your dirty little habit in ways that you know would alert the authorities. Cucku indeed. Oh and Spitzer does not officially resign until Monday? So he has the entire weekend to hook up with more girls from myspace, on taxpayer dollars....pure freaking genius.

Today we managed to take boxes after boxes, and furniture we have tired of, an old Zenith television, vases, old toys, art, movies, books, you name it...a truck load of things donated to The Arc. They were supposed to pick the stuff up and never made it. So we cleared it out of the garage. was actually freeing getting rid of things that we do not enjoy, or are tired of owning.....

Several people owe me a call currently.

drives me nuts to have to call people more than 2 times


Tomorrow, we are trying to go through some more things.

Today it was 77 degrees, almost hot...

I need to get this house painting done, however the fix it guy, keeps putting me off......we are going to have a serious chat tomorrow.

A serious CHAT.

The weather has indeed been a factor, rain, snow, and now 77 degrees.

The cough, and hack....still persists. Despite rest. I see the Dr. in the morning.

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