Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rainy Days....

O painting since Friday due to a rain out.

I decided to take the kids to The Jump Zone Saturday, essentially a place filled with inflatable trampolines, slides, climbing stuff. I seriously made them go for it for 3 hours. I then took them to The Purple Cow by request, which meant I got my blu chz burger! It was yummy. The Collective shared a burger and fires, and enjoyed my onion rings, and then each ordered a sundae. Yum. they were hungry and well behaved. I enjoy eating out with them now, they are very funny.

PN, has recently been toying with accents. She is 4, I do not recall being aware of accents at 4... she is doing southern, and Italian, it is hilarious. If she is not a Paratrooper, she should be able to get work doing voice overs for animation.

They passed out on the way home. WOW! These are the no nap bunch, and I was thrilled, even though it was the worst time of the day for a nap.

Spring Break ends tomorrow.

Sir Rowland is calling Monday, Funday. That is an idea.

He is currently trying to think of a great April fools day prank for Tuesday.

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