Friday, March 21, 2008

16 bags and what do you get?

I hope delicious arms! As I have not been to yoga for a week and a half. Frankly with all of the old fashioned chores I am doing the gym seems silly. Raking for 4 hours a day for three days, along with the pressure washing, well seems like my home gym.

The third flower bed was cleaned out today

drum roll please.....

that is 16 bags of leaves out of 3 flower beds.

I still have one bad bed on the north side. However, it is so mussy there right now, I am hoping it dries out in the next couple of days.

I managed to fertilize my azalea bushes.

I also primed the handrail up front.

Actually The Collective wanted to help.

I thought, well sure, it is a handrail, what damage can they do?

Never again...


I also had to run to Walmart hell for a few supplies. Ick...the new store next to my home is the biggest Walmart I have been in EVER...way to big.

Tomorrow we have an Easter egg hunt early in the morning, I am going to come home and finish presser washing the front of the house, and possibly the North side. After that I am going to try and paint my front porch to see if I like the paint. I cannot decide how it goes with the brick yet. I think I need more of the color up to decide.

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