Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let me adjust my tinfoil beret...

I woke yesterday, with my normal vigor!! How fantastic, it has certainly been a while. I think the second round of antibiotic must be doing the trick. The incessant coughing continues, but my energy level is back!

I managed to get the powerwasher together, the ladder and a broom to attack the front of the house. I managed to get about 75% of the exterior washed up front , before it clouded up. I did not want to mess with the power washer in the rain, so I put it up.

I grabbed my rake, and garden funnel and weeded and cleaned out one of the LARGE flower beds up front. 6 bags of leaves. I then had to weed the corner part of the lot.

So I am busy as a bee, PN in tow, she is picking all of my hyacyinth, phlox, and daffodils...

And then, the "trusty neighbor" comes over to tell me. It appears, he had nothing better to do with his day than watch me.....

"it is sure taking you a long time to get done."

"you'd better hurry, it is supposed to rain."

"when you pull weeds, do not forget the roots"

"you ought to get some weed and feed and spray."


He stood there lecturing me. First off folks, I promise I can pull weeds, spent my life pulling weeds, I am out almost weekly pulling weeds.

I seriously stood there with my mouth hanging open.

First off, half the reason I have any weeds, is because none of my neighbors have a lawn. Seriously. We have worked our asses off to have a lawn.

So this helpful neighbor seriously stood there, with his yard full of weeds, dirty house, giving me helpful tips.

I seriously could not believe it....

I just looked at him, and said "dude, you have got to have the biggest balls ever"


*note to neighbor* do not come into my yard again.


(BTW, I managed to get a little bit of paint done in the exterior entry way, I think I like the color)

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