Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Well I NEVER.......

When I married Dear Husband he used to get a "kick" out of my list of things I had not done, or places I had never visited. For a while he thought I had grew up on a commune or some sort of weird hippie ranch. It was neither, my parents were FRUGAL, out of upbringing and neccisity. So here is condensed version of things that used to freak Dear Husband out.

-didn't eat at a McDonalds until I was 15.

-never had sugar cereal until I could buy it myself.

-never drank kool-aid (although made in my home state of Nebraska), until I was married. Once was enough.

-had never been to a zoo. (I loved animals, and adopted anything with a tail when I was little)

-had never been to Star Wars.(I still can't sit through it, I think it is boring.

-had no exposure to science fiction or comic books at all.(Have learned to love some science fiction)

-had never been on a plane until I was 23.(I can no longer recall the amount of times I have flown.)

-never had movie theater popcorn or candy until I could pay for it (Now I LOVE it, could possibly even live on it,and cokes)

-had never been to an amusement park.(I sicken on rides that go round and round, otherwise ok, Dash and Pink love to go)

-had never been on a carousel.(DO love to watch the pretty horses, and listen to music)

-had never had cotten candy. (Love it)

-I had one doll(Dear husbands whole family thought that was odd, Pink has too many, all gifts but one from me.)

-We only ate at restaraunts on birthdays, we would always pick Godfathers Pizza.(I do enjoy a nice meal out)

-never watched Saturday morning cartoons,id get to watch American Bandstand at 11:30, after chores were done

I can't think of anymore, however I am sure Dear Husband will remind me of something.

What is on your list?

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