Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday of Prayer.....

I have to agree with my Blog-Sis Bou on this one. Makes my heart and gut hurt to think of it.

Also offer prayers for Vermont has lost another citizen soldier in the war in Iraq.
Vermont Army National Guard from Proctor has been killed. Sgt. Chris Chapin
was shot by a sniper this morning in Tammin, Iraq - near Ramadi.

The 39-year-old career soldier from Proctor is the 17th person with ties to
Vermont to die in the war zone. He is also the fifth Vermont guardsman to
lose his life.

Sgt. Chapin had only been in Iraq for five weeks.

Continue your prayers for SPC. Pinsicuff and let his Mother know you are keeping them in your thoughts.

While I have you running about the blogospere, please go visit Chuck. Wounded soldiers getting hateful e-mail......go over and let him know what you think....

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