Thursday, August 18, 2005

Funeral, the gift that keeps on giving.

If you have not read it, go now. Yeah.....Simply the funniest story that has ever occurred in my life, so far. I also think I will be hard pressed to top it EVER. I will add that I did NOT do the story justice. It really was FUNNIER than anyone I know could write it.

However beyond the story, there is much more....

First of all a warning to those of you who have children. When people say, "Oh let them run around a bit, we are all watching." Don't believe them..... We are never around family much so this was a lesson I have learned the HARD way. I would recommend never listening to this advice at weddings, or funerals.

My husband was by the hearse in uniform as "it" happened. So he had NO idea what was going on until the funeral director came up to the pall bearers and said. "We are going to be a couple of minutes late, they just pulled someone's kid out from the grave."...My husband guessed correctly and figured it had to be "Dash". Even though it could have been one of the Pastors 8 kids....(who by the way were all so angelic, my 2 looked like feril spawn.". If looks could kill, I would be dead. I got a stare from that Paratrooper I never want to see again.

Half of the people at the funeral thought it was hilarious, this included me. (Although I tried to look mortified, and apologetic the rest of the day) They all rushed up to me at one point or another, and told me "you better write this down in his baby book.". The baby book? I mean come-on? I wanted to tell them..."baby book, I am putting this story on the internet".

The other half of the funeral goers kept their distance from the "Terrible Mom" with the out of control children.

I am going to assume that "Dash" will never ever be able to attend a funeral ever, without some smartass saying, "better stand back, you might fall in", or "remember the time--"

My Fathers laughter re: this event, was priceless....I called as soon as we were in the safety of the truck, leaving the funeral.
-phone conversation with my Father

Me: "You will never guess what happened at the funeral."

Me: Handing the phone to Dash-

Dash: "I fell in the grave"

Grampanio: "What?"

Me: "You heard it right."

Grampanio: uncontrollable laughter, with full waterworks....

I spent the next 2 hours calling everyone programmed into my cell phone, having the exact same conversation......

I can honestly say, it was the best funeral I have been too, Thanks Grandma.

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Jennefer said...

Hi! I am an army wife of a toddler too.

I have to say that I have never heard of anyone falling in the grave at a funeral. That is classic!

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