Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Insect Haiku

Menacing flyers
Dark small masses building homes
Please leave me alone

About 2 months ago we had an invasion of ants. I saw this post at Shakey Petes, and become paranoid about a recurrance of invasion. Maybe I should go out and clean out the air conditioner before the ants gum it up. I had Dear Husband do a full scale chemical invasion on the ants 3 times this summer. It is a bad year for ants around here.

Then we had the wasp sting, and the invasion of digger wasps.. My husband shot Sevin into all of the wasp holes very early in the morning, and his brother took foam caulking and plugged all of the almost 100 holes. We have had a few strays, but not near what we had.

I was at Sissys the other day and read this . I think we will be driven mad by insects this year.

Todays "grossness" was fly killing, I must have had 20 in the house. I have no idea where they came from. Gross.

If the insects do not kill us, we will become physically altered from the chemicals.

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