Thursday, August 18, 2005


I am a fan of the comic bloggers, there are a bunch of em'.....However I read this little dity in Christian Finnigans blog about a month ago.....Mr. Finnigan writes the following

"Playboy has a large circulation, and that means that somebody somewhere is buying it. But it seems like if you're buying Playboy nowadays, you probably are reading it for the articles. Why else would you bother? Christ, now that we have the internet, the idea of buying a nudie magazine seems almost, I don't know...quaint. Old-timey, even. Like you'd walk a three miles down to the general store to buy some sasparilla, a container of Ol' Doc Haggerty's Purifying Hair Tonic and a copy of Hustler Magazine"

the rest of it is equally entertaining......

I have never thought of Hustler Magazine "antiquated".....but I think he is on to something here...

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