Thursday, August 11, 2005

On Death and Dying

I think my first funeral I attended was my Great Aunt Sarahs.....I also think I was about 8 or so. I remember being afraid to touch her hand like all of the other passers by did......

Since that time I have held hands with hundreds people as they have died. I was a nurses aide at a hospital at age 15, and recall "preparing a body" to be seen by family. It was my first death I had witnessed. I had cared for the gentleman for about 3 days before his passing. I am unsure why the other nurses thought this was appropriate for a 15 year old. I wasn't scared. I just really wasn't quite sure what to do. I just combed his hair and bathed him, and put a fresh gown and sheets on the bed.

Since that time I have seen many people pass. I am now a LPN, when working and worked primarily in long term care, hospice, and pulmonary care.

I have seen people pass beautifully, and not so beautifully. I have seen people pass with family members singing lullabyes to them, I have seen people die alone.

I hear Grandma was one of the beautiful deaths and had a Son and Daughter at her side, she was comfortable, and "went beautifully".

I am thankful.

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