Sunday, August 07, 2005

Prayers for Grandma....

Dear Husbands Grandma in ICU for small bowel obstruction, perforation, and perotinitis. Also has a case of pnemonia. Prayers would be appreciated as always.

Dear Husband strength and faith in "bigger picture" amaze me, as does his calm and clarity. He is realistic and strong, and sweet all at one time. Dear Husband wants to run up there and give her a squeeze badly. However we will wait and see what happens.

I am simply amazed at his spirit. His Grandmother helped raise him, and we were lucky enough to visit her this past Easter. He was the first Grandchild, and they remain close.

We recieved the news about Grandma the evening we returned from our "trip" to Branson... and Dear Husbands Mother is not in a "good place" to recieve such news. It was a good thing, she was in our home, and both sons are back from war, otherwise I think she would have sufferred a collapse. I am glad both sons were here to "hold her up".

We managed to find her a flight and get her a ticket up there ASAP. We are going to wait and watch her condition from afar for a while.

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