Thursday, August 18, 2005

Weirdo Waiter at a "crap on the wall restaurant"

Traveling, tiring. Especially when it is a 14 hour drive with toddlers. It is exhausting.

We are hungry and decide to stop in at the "crap on the wall" restaurant in St. Joeseph, Mo. You know the type of restaurant I am talking about. We typically never go to these places, because the food is mediocre-as is the staff. But I am hungry for "hot" food. I want a "real hamburger", so we get sucked in.

Mind you we have been grieving, and been at a lot of family functions, and funeral home, and cemetery. It is hot out, we have been on the road......I am TIRED. WORN OUT. I feel a bit punchy. I am sure the marguerita I ordered did not help my "state".

I don't get punchy very often, but when I do watch out. I am the type of person that thinks everything and everyone is funny anyway, I also have a terrible sarcastic streak. So if I am punchy at all I end up unable to breathe...and laugh until I cry.

Anyway so Dear Husband, his Brother who just returned from Afghanistan, and the toddlers and I put in our order.....You know how these places operate. One person takes your order, a different person brings the drinks, a different person brings the ketchup, a different person brings silverware....Just weird.

Anyway so a different "dude" brings our appetizer. He is 20-something, with a shaved head and has one of those full "weird-beards"......Which is just enough to make me start laughing. It is a kind of Amish look...

Mr. "Weird Beard" then places the appetizer on the table and says " this is sure good smellin'". Then he stands there for like 10 seconds, and just looks at us, and leaves...."Good smellin?".....Good smellin'.....For shits sake. I was SO exhausted and punchy I could not control my laughter, and everytime, "weird beard" walked by I would freaking start all over again.....

I think my Dear Husband wanted to leave my ass in the restaurant.....forever...

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