Monday, August 08, 2005

Baby I'm A-mazed........

I am not burning in hell.......

I bought Dash who is 3 1/2 a fun-pad a couple of weeks ago, and he discovered the thrill of "mazes". So now he is obsessed, he has done every maze in the house. I have even resorted to drawing large scale mazes in the driveway that he can walk through.

Dash has also discovered that asking people the following "do you have a penis or vagina", holds tremendous shock value. This has also been his entertainment for the last couple of weeks. He asked people at Silver Dollar City, restaraunts, water park. I am hoping the thrill of shocking people fades soon. Blue comedy, and 3 1/2 just is too much for me, and I am hoping I am not raising the next Richard Pryor.

So, today we had a lot of errands to run, pay the water bill, get the truck washed, grocery store, pick up 5 birthday cards....(yep, all within 2 days of one another). I also have a ton to do round here since we had 8 people in "Casa de dust". I have a lot of "catching up and laundry to do. Dash is freaking out, because all of the mazes in ALL of the color books are done. SO I have the brilliant idea to stop at "Mardel", and look for some books on mazes. For those of you who are unaware...Mardel is a Christian supply store. They sell a lot of Church supplies, home schooling supplies, books, videos, and music.

So I pack the kids and we head on out to Mardell. I explain to them both they cannot play with trains today, there is just tooo much to do, and we are there to get mazes only.

Of course we go to the education help desk and the following conversation takes place

Me: "Dash, could you tell them what we are looking for?"

Dash: "Do you have a penis?"

Clerk: who by the way is female is staring, shocked, blushing...

Me: "We are looking for books on mazes."

Clerk: "I do not think we have any, only in the color books, you might want to try Barnes and Noble."

Me: "Ok, thanks."

Dash continued to ask EVERYONE throughout the store if they had a penis, sometimes he would ask if people had vaginas.....people did not care for his questions. All gave strong reactions which fed his fever to ask.

In addition to the penis questions, he is also enjoying "dominate you" as a new catch phrase. His Father has been using the phrase while they are wrestling.

Dear Husband: "I will crush and dominate you!"

Dash: screaming and giggling....

wrestling ensues, and then Dash runs through the house screaming, "I will dominate you"......

SO of course "I will dominate you" gets thrown around at the Christian store as well.


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