Thursday, March 24, 2005

Here I are Grandma.....

The drive was not terrible. The children were not terrible. It was snowing in Kansas City Tuesday night.....brrr and damn. I forgot it was "Spring Break" the hotels are packed, and roads are packed, and gas prices are high, for the midwest.

We arrived in Nebraska yesturday, and got to Grandmas house. There was a huge sign in the yard, you know the kind that lights up. It made me teary driving up Grandmas street. Then there were the huge hugs from his Auntie, and Grandma. Big hugs, the kind that say everything. The kind of hugs that make you cry when you watch. Right now I am so glad we are here, he needed these.

Dear Husbands cousin was here with her new husband.......a handsome Marine, also just home from Iraq by one week. They looked cute and hopefull and in love......young. They are on their way to set up "home" in San Diego. Very big changes for a young couple from the fields of Nebraska. I remember.

My husband and I could not help but remember our "war marriage".....all day. We wanted to sit them down and tell them it really can work, and give them all kinds of advice. We didn't. I guess it will work if they want it to.

It is funny sitting here at Grandmas house now, almost 14 years later. So much has happenend. Grandpa died, Grandma is frail . Little Nate, is no longer 3, he is getting ready for his high school graduation. Micah is in the Army in Korea and missed his little sisters wedding. Bobby is in Afghanistan and divorced. Angie finished college, and is living in Nebraska. We are still married, and in Arkansas.....with our 2 precious "babies", that are loving all of this attention, and hugs, and marshmellow peeps.

So I sit here and remember, about 14 years ago, and how tired we were, after Dear Husband came home. The wedding, the rainy day, the week following, and the visits to family and friends. The look in everyones eyes, at this "young couple". I am sure they had all kinds of advice they wanted to give, and didn't. I remember being tired and falling asleep on Dear Husbands shoulder on Grandmas couch. How wonderful it is to still have his shoulder to fall asleep on.

Congratulations Emily and Lance.........just give each other a soft place to fall.


Katy said...

George W. Bush does not think all Iranians are terrorists. Americans do not think all Iranians, Iraqis, or any other group of people are all terrorists. We think terrorists come in all races including american.
just wanted to put in my two cents because I know ArmyWife is on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Pourya, no we don't think you are all terrorists, in fact we are betting a lot of money that you aren't. We hope you are just decent people that want a better life and are willingto stop saying "death to america" after every vote. it'd be a nice start. No one over here ever says "death to the iranians" even though your government is a bunch of old men in robes that want to kill us. Just keep protesting and try to get a better government and for God's sake stop trying to build a bomb we have tons of them and they suck.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic: AW - have you checked your Sitemeter stats lately? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see if everything is ok. It's been a while since you posted.

...Probably just wearing out ArmyHusband ;-)