Wednesday, March 09, 2005

OOOOO...OKLAHOMA...where you can buy leather chaps, have a great steak, and have 2 fat guys stare at your tits whiile you eat....

We are home, rolled in at 10:30pm. It was dark of course so Husband could not see the awesome huge sign I had staked in the yard, all of the signs on the fence the neighborhood kids made, or the 60 balloons lining the street. ( Some dumbass deflated about 30 of them.....karma is a bitch).

We did drive through Oklahoma City on the way "home", stopped in at the Harley shop, and I decided "if I am going to be a Harley Momma....I needed leathers". I was looking for a racing jacket initially, but ended up with the Willie G touring leathers complete with chaps. Had to get them, husband looked very smitten.

We also ate at the famous "Cattlemens Cafe"....YUMMY. Great service, fantastic ribeye, cooked perfectly medium rare. There were 2 bad things about the meal.
1) "The toddlers" were so strir crazy from being strapped in a 5 point restraint in the truck, they soooooo did not want to sit and relax and dine. This is understandable.....but the steak had to be hurried through....damn.
2) 2 fat fuckers took it upon themselves to stare at my tits the whole time I ate. My husband informed me that "fat fuckers can stare all day, because they have nothing to loose". So if the fat "chicken pussy" twins are reading this.....I wouldn't wash you with a rag on a stick.

One of the things that ended up happening on the road was this. My 3 year old is sooo not used to Mom talking to anyone but "the toddlers", that he was irritated with normal "husband and wife conversation". This hadn't occurred to me at all. I am a talker by nature, and pretty much alone for 18 months, so was so happy to have my husband captive for 7 hours......Shit, I probably would have drove 20 hours, just to indulge in conversation that didn't include the words Buzz Lightyear, or poop. Anyway, the 3 year old kept saying "Mommy, Daddy shhhhhhhh...stop talking" for a great deal of the trip.

Well we are at home for the "new normal".


Tammi said...

You can get away with wearing leather chaps? After having 2 kids? DAMN YOU!! DAMN YOU! I'm so jealous!

Glad to hear ya'll made it home safe. Screw the 2 guys. They probably wouldn't know what to do with it if they got it.

Anonymous said...

mmmm... leather chaps... :-)

Don't suppose there'll be pictures anytime soon?

And I'll bet your husband would enjoy hearing your voice for 20 hours straight.

I can't imagine any sound better after all that time apart...

neonangel said...

"So if the fat 'chicken pussy' twins are reading this.....I wouldn't wash you with a rag on a stick." - Are you talking about an old piece of cloth or a feminine napkin? Ewwwww. =p