Saturday, March 19, 2005

Delicate "chi" my ass.

That's right, as I suspected 2 of us down with "the crud". " Pink Ninja"and I are ill with this. I guess I should rephrase this. "Pink Ninja" is not down.....With anything. She is still climbing, and running, and giving her brother "Buzz Lightyear" hell. She is just doing it with a runny nose and sneezing.

I am not sure if I am up for traveling in this "current state". So we are going to just wait and see what happens. The trip to Nebraska is a very tiring and taxing one for me. I have delicate "chi"....and the trip back always does a number on me. Really.

My mission today is to find a cheap getaway for me and a couple of girlfriends. I wanted to go to Spa Shiki, for 2 days at Lodge of the Four Seasons. My girlfriends want to go gambling. One of these girlfriends has a very ill husband. The other has 5 children, the youngest has Downs Syndrome. The 3 of us need to giggle, and a have a couple of drinks, and be able to play blackjack and not loose our ass. So I need to find something for everyone. Something close enough, where if an emergency occurs we can get back in a reasonable amount of time. Somewhere inexpensive enough for "working people". I am in desperate need of "checking out". I have been here alone for 18 months, per my choice, but am in need of "recharge". I want to wear cute clothes without fingerprints, or stains on them. I need to be able to take a bath without a time limit, or without a toddler peeking around the corner. I need to eat a meal without cutting someone else's food. I need a 2 hour massage, and a pedi and a mani, so I feel like a woman again. I just need 2 days.....Of running around in a Terry cloth robe, and room service. 2 days of giggling with girlfriends that really need a laugh.

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Tammi said...

Yes, you do need those two days. And I hope you find the PERFECT spot.

Sorry to hear the Pink Ninja caught it...please please please let it pass right past Buzz.