Tuesday, March 08, 2005

reunited...and it feels so good....

We are still in hotel, which has been a little awkward for the children. Husband still "outprocessing". Should be done today and can make the 7-9 hour drive home.
The physical side of reunion has been fantanstic......a person gets very lonely after 18 months. Your skin begins to ache....as well as the rest of you.
The part that suprrises me, I thought the hard part of this was over---ha. It appears that there is a lot of hard work to be done on the emotional part of this. I am also suprised, because I just thought we were to brilliant for the "mind fuck". We both are educated, and are really adaptable. So all of these anxieties and thoughts are catching me off guard. The joke is not wasted on me. It is very hard to explain too people I suppose unless you have been there. Maybe some wife somewhere is shaking her head "yes".
I have heard from the grapevine about the men and women who have cheated while deployed. I read the newspaper article about the Lt. Col, who was discharged on 26 counts of lewd conduct, etc. I have read way too many stories of soldiers that won't be coming home, soldiers that are coming home "broken".....physically of emotionally. I haven't read any articles about my husband coming home.
This was not my husbands first deployment. I married him when I was 20, a week after Desert Storm. He has been deployed since that time too, but age seems to change the "spirit " of those involved. We will be married 14 years in April.
I am seeing a part of him I did not know existed, he is a Daddy to 2 now. We haven't all been together until now. He watches the 16 month old walking, talking, and smiling.......he looks at the 3 year old and is amazed at his ability to recognize his ABC's colors, shapes, and written words......I can tell he feels cheated. Guess what we do too.

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Tammi said...

I hope you took lots of pictures all along and videos if possible. I hope so....while it won't make up for not being there, I have to believe it would really mean something to him.

**'scuse me...gotta go get a tissue**