Thursday, March 10, 2005

Army Wife is a person in your neighborhood......

I really need to take time out of my day, and thank Tammi for making me blogdaughter, and providing me with a link. (I do realize how important that is.) I also need to make her a cake, with a big candle on top for her first birthday!!! YEAH!! I have been a big reader of Tammis blog over the last year, and she has been of great support to our fighting men and women. She has also been hilarious when I need a laugh.....and always tells me when I need a tissue. Thank You BlogMomma!!

I also need to thank Harvey "Big Pappa" over at Bad Example I love Harvey because he is always funny, and loves his wife....who by the way I love to read. I am flattered to be in your neighborhood.

Now could someone tell me what kind of neighborhood thos is? Is it like A John Waters suburb? If so that would be great.


Bou said...

I'm introducing you to my readers tonight... Sorry it took so long!

TNT said...

Ummm, what's a 'John Waters suburb'??

However, I will say you will meet ALL sorts in the neighborhood. The one thing they seem to have in common is they are all highly intelligent and extremely witty.

And I would venture to guess everyone hates the Democrats!