Friday, March 11, 2005

Ground Control to ArmyWife.......come in ArmyWife.

I still cannot believe dear husband home, I feel like he will be snatched up and taken away at any minute. For some reason, it feels like he is here "visiting". When I asked him if he felt "home" he said yes. It does seem strange that I am the one having trouble with the idea of permanance.

It is so nice seeing him in the house, hearing him laugh, it is lovely having someone that gets my jokes in the house. I missed my best friend, and laughing. He is hilarious, and naughty. How I missed him.

Last night I was in bed, and listened to him shower, and watched him shave. I realized in one fleeting moment how lucky I am too have him home. How I am am lucky to hear the sound of the water hitting him, and hearing the tap tap tap of the toothbrush. God I missed him.......

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grabbing a tissue and fast