Saturday, March 12, 2005

Should the cat stay in or out of the bag?

Well, husband knows about the blog, told him. Got to excited to keep quiet. Me and my big mouth. I thought I could keep it secret.

So here is a question for "you bloggers". Do you regret telling anyone about your blog? Do you wish it was your dirty little secret, or do you mind family and friends being privy to your information?"

I started it the other day as a sort of "therapy". A quiet place to go and "walk it out", "talk it out". I didn't follow the "rules" didn't know there were any. Spent 2 seconds on my name, what is a template? . The tech side of blogging.......I know "it is easy"...for some of you. I will not tell you how long it took me to put site meter up yesterday. I could have learned Manderin in the time it took. I need to put links up and photos, and learn how to use this thing. Oh then there is the "blog etiquette". I am always the first gal to say thanks, and send a note......But I cannot keep up around here. SO if I have already offended anyone......CRAP...Leave a note...I will get around to it.


TNT said...

Well, as most of my friends and family would probably never go read my blog, it is probably okay. I have mentioned to a few friends and co-workers, but I stop at telling them what my blog name is. I really don't think they would read it, but if they did, they might recognize themselves in some of my rants so that would be BAD!

I think it depends on what you blog about. If you are going to talk about what idiots some of the people are you have to deal with, better not to tell that person.

Anonymous said...

I don't regret telling the one co-worker I showed it to. I do regret that he visits at work and thus other, stupider co-workers know about it. People who I'd prefer not to have viewing my site because they annoy me, I don't like them, and I don't want to do anything that might accidently brighten their drab existences.

vw bug said...

Started my blog for my family. They are scattered all over the globe (literally). Comes from having so many family members in the military. So relax, enjoy. Your blog is great. If you need any help with some of the stuff, I'll be glad to send you an email. Though Harvey has most of it hidden somewhere at his site. Like how to use ImageShack to post pictures. I can help you with that. BTW, Thanks for stopping by. I really have enjoyed your site. Haven't been that good about surfing through the BE family (or any blogs) lately. I'm sure you understand with your two small kids. Your ability to have time comes and goes.

Anonymous said...

I've generally been unhappy in the end almost every time that I've said something to anyone about my blog. I can't be totally frank about everything blogwise because of the problems with backlash that are pretty much inevitable.

Anonymous said...

The stuff Bug is talking about isn't THAT hidden at my place.

Two spots to check: in the upper right corner at Bad Example, I have a list of links to some of my blog tips posts.

In my left sidebar there's a listing of my categories, one of which is "blogging", where is where I keep those kind of posts.

Stacy said...

I also regret telling my 20 year old son who is in Iraq. I had to go back and edit all of my post, because he wanted to read it. I had really told just how I was feeling, such as how I was crying everyday. I did not want him knowing that I was a basket case. He would do nothing but worry about me, and that is the last thing that I needed. Good Luck and take care.