Monday, March 21, 2005

I dined with my lovah....Over elk shanks.....

That is right folks. We went on a date. Alone. Ask me how long it had been since our last date. 25 months. Our last date I was pregnant by a month, and not feeling the best......It was a nice date though.

My girlfriend called, and offered the services of her poor bohemian 18 year old daughter. I was till feeling SO SICK......but took a couple of sudafed, called husband at his motorcycle class, and said we are going out tonight.

I got the children bathed, and fed early, jammies and to bed. Had Dearest Husband showering, shaving and getting ready. "Pink Ninja"....Who has been going down for the night like a champ, was fussy due to incisors coming in, a cold she caught from Mom, and her darn immunizations. Damn......

Husband comes out looking so spiffy in favorite western shirt, it is white, and has cobalt blue snap buttons, beautiful blond high and tight, raccoon eyes from being out riding, and his blue jeans.

I am the master of getting ready, I have been known to get ready for many formal events in less than 30 minutes. (I do not think this is appreciated by Dear Husband, I think he thinks all women can do this.)
So I put on some nice blue jeans, my favorite chocolate colored silk blouse, and my chocolate Italian boots.

We go over details with bohemian sitter, point out the hummus, Bretons, phone #'s.

We head out alone....It is almost 9pm. Our plan was sushi, husband has been hungry for sushi. We get to the sushi place, and note it is a "Mongolian Grill" and "sushi" place. It loud, and bright, so we leave. We head downtown for anything else. We are on limited time and know it. People down south LOVE to eat EARLY. Many restaurants close early. We end up finding a great dimly lit restaurant, that looked open. We entered and were so surprised. A great Northern Italian restaurant, that featured multi-course menu. Feature of the night was "elk". My husbands favorite, but so hard to find. I chose the Duck. I must say his elk...Was the most fantastic piece of meat I have ever eaten.....Better than any beef. YUMMY. My duck was delicious, but had been prepared in typical "chef" fashion...Was a little rare for my liking. Still very tasty.

No cutting food, no rushing, no child filled with saltines before meal came, no shh-ing, no highchair, no child falling out of his booster seat, no wet ones in my purse, no bibsters.......

Just me and my lovah, dining over exotic meats. Tasting each others foods, and smiling over candle light. It was nice long 3 hour dinner. It was nice dining with such a handsome and interesting man.

I hope our bohemian baby sitter is broke again very soon.


Tammi said...

I am soooo glad you two got that opportunity! YEAH!

And I'm gonna need to see a picture of those chocolate boots. I've been looking for a pair, and I gotta tell you - Florida isn't the easiest place to find boots. I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

Reading this brings back so many warm memories of when I'd come home from the Navy on leave & visit my girl.

Now I know how SHE felt :-)