Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wild Sundays...

Sundays are prep day...

Now that I am back in the work force, time is even more precious than it was before.

So far, I have done 3 loads of wash, dishes, cleaned the kitchen, made piggy bricks for after school snacks, and carameld apples, cleaned a bathroom, and tried to dust.

Yesterday, DH took SR to get his Scout uniform, and for a haircut, I took PN to get hers, we went out for lunch, DH had to go to work. I took the kids to the park to shake the stink off of them, then it was off to the grocery store, and then we went looking for a winter coat for PN.

Not much in the grand scheme of things, which makes me sad. The list is never ending. I have never known what boredom is and I do not think I will any time soon.

We did manage to go to church this morning, and let the kids ride bikes to and from, hoping it would be good for little lungs, and legs. Soon there will be no bike riding. I have decided to read the New Testament before January 1, which will take 30 minutes a day.

The kids are not thrilled that I am making them keep selves entertained while I go to it around here..I have been told "you are not fun", several times today. Which, is the one bad thing about working again. Time has to be maximized and really used to benefit everyone in the week.

I am promising to take them out to play catch with the football this afternoon to make up for my lost time with them today.

SR has to set the table, prepare a meal, and do dishes tonight for Cub Scouts. He chose to prepare spaghetti, garlic bread and salad.

Tomorrow is our busiest day of the week. I was not aware Scouts would be Mondays, and signed the kids up for swim. (I will never sign up for Monday activities again.) Monday is wild enough without leaving the house early in the morning, only to return at 8pm. I guess it is known Mondays is a Scout night, I was not aware, but KNOW now. I will either have to pack a dinner for the kids and make sure to refridge @ work, or try and pick something up.

Tonight I must iron, otherwise I will look like McFrumpy at work all week.

My transmission gets replaced this next week, and I am waiting for a helicopter to dump a load of money in the back yard...

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