Monday, October 12, 2009

In the morning my Husband will be a year older..

I am getting ready to hit the sack. I am beat tonight.

I did mange to make it to work early today, and stayed later. Thanks to DH, who took the day off to spend Columbus Day with the collective. I guess the day went well for them.

I did manage to get to the YMCA, for part of SR's swim lesson. He is doing well, and PN's swim lesson, she is too!! DH, and SR went to Scouts, where SR earned his 1st badge. Must get either thread out, or some dual tape to iron this on ASAP!! He was excited!

Tomorrow DH is 41, and I must try and bake his cake after work and school tomorrow, and I think we are going out to eat to celebrate. I then must return home to make at least 2 dozen rice krispie treats for CREW at church.

Today I recieved 2 calls from PTO begging me to host Cora's fall party at school on the 23rd. I broke down and accepted the challenge. It is only an hour, I can come up with something for a room of kids to do for an hour can't I?

DH is chaperoning the pumpkin patch trip Wednesday.

My mechanic called today, he has been driving my car all week, and it is fine, diagnostics fine....

He has no idea why it did what it did...

So looks like I am in the market for a trade in, and soon....I have no idea what I will be doing, or where I will find the time to screw around with this....I love my car, but seriously do not need mysterious problems popping up.....

I have been with DH for half of his life now.

1/2. Frankly he deserves a medal, for that...

Go to bed, that is where i am headed..Sleeping hard lately, since i was ill, no insomnia to speak of. Everyone is sleeping good here through the night.

I have a small naggy list of things I need to get done ASAP. I hate that.


Tammi said...

This may seem completely out of context but I just have to say, the one thing that popped into my mind as I read this is just how much I love you guys....seriously.

Retired Navy CPO said...

Tell the Hubby a big Happy Birthday.

Guard Wife said...

The party is only an hour?

With kids PN's age, you might try 1 craft (it takes an inordinate amount of time to herd cats into making something to take home), snack time and a picture book that you read to them while they are in a circle and seated. :)

I'm trying to remember what crafts we did when the girls were in PN's I'll try and remember once I have some sleep under my belt & I'll let you know.

You can do it!!!

bx19 said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby.
I'm still working on the medal.
It must obviously contain a heart.

Sisu said...

The Scout store (or craft store) should have Badge Magic, which is pretty easy to use but can sometimes be a pain. I use fabric glue myself. Happy Bday to your hubby...congrats to SR!