Sunday, October 04, 2009

and the wildness continues...

Swim bag packed. 2 towels, 2 goggles, 2 swimsuits.

Lunch packed, so the kids can eat in the car on the way from the school to swim.

DH is in charge of scout uniform.

Lunchcards recharged for the next 2 weeks.

Backbacks gone through. SR got 100% on his math, and spelling this week.

Reading minutes cards filled out.

the 6th load of wash done, and there is still bedding I will not get to.

No way am I gonna get my ironing done tonight, maybe tomorrow. I will wear a skirt, and blouse tomorrow that is ready to go.

SR dinner was yummy, and he did a good job, although the kid that lets his head wander while he is doing stuff, makes me nervous at the stove. He even helped with dishes, and proclaimed there is a lot to do, that he wasn't aware of because he is just busy doing kids stuff.

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Tammi said...

I love that last sentence. That, right there, shows what a great young man you are raising! You have done a great thing for some lucky lady....