Friday, October 02, 2009

Like Mary Poppins up in here..

It is windy. Windy, and has not let up for 2 1/2 days. like 40 mph wind all of the time, it is exhausting. There is no point to doing hair, or taking allergiy meds, because all of the shizz is flying about.

Current temp? 43 degrees, so I am freaking about my tomatoes, I went out and picked a bushel of them, washed them, and am in the process of blanching and freezing them, as I type this. I sooo wanted to can, but do not have the time this weekend. None. so blanching and freezing will do. I intend on using them for veggie soup and chilli, and they will taste much better than any store bought tomatoes can in January anyway.

Stupid weather....seriously, I am not prepared for this up in here.

SR weekend consists of selling popcorn for Boy Scouts, and preparing a menu, meal, setting table and cleaning up. PN needs a winter coat, so we are looking for one, and she wants a tierra for an existing dress for Halloween! (She is economical!)

I am coming off of the prednisone, and hate it. Down from 4 tabs to 1 tab, tomorrow is 1/2 tab....ick. Seriously tired from the adrenoline crash.

Still intending on taking the kids for a mega bike ride, and picnic if the weather is good. Pictures to ensue because the leaves are gorgeous awesome.

Enjoy your night!

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