Sunday, October 18, 2009

Maybe I wont have to be #1 for how to get dog poop out of the carpet, even if i might be now...

DH has the weekend off! Thank God! The amount of stuff to do on the amazing never ending list of things driving me crazy.

So instead of actually spending the day together, we separated into the boy team, and girl team and hit the town running.

Actually DH and the kids were peaches and cleaned my gardens out. Booo Hiss winter! Considering bringing my asparagus ferns that are on the front porch into the house. ( Has anyone done this?)

Errands commenced for 3-4 hours....seriously. Uck. In good news both of us enjoyed hanging with each child tremendously.

PN and I had to go to Micheal's craft store to buy some fall holiday items for the house, and supplies for the school fall party I agreed to head for PN's class. I had a terrible time with a fall party, because I did not want to offend anyone. I thought trick or treat bags might be fun to make, probably not a good idea. I thought a couple of other things might be fun, and nixed them as well. I settled on some spider door candy thing...which ended up evolving today into an entirely different project.


We had to run to the library to return books....

I decided since it is school, I should probably read a story, the Collective LOVE when we read nightly here.

SO I thought I should pick up a spider book.

I picked up this one.

So while shopping I decided to pick up pipe cleaners of different colors ( now called chenille stems I was TOLD, by the helpful but stern helper I needed to find all of my craft crap), different colored google eyes, different colors of tissue paper, paper plates,...tah dah! Spiders, that are not scary. I will let you know how they turn out, and if the kids had fun. WE are also pumpkin bowling.

DH is chaperoning the pumpkin trip (that got called off the other day because of weather) Monday! He has also said, if his day Friday goes well, he will help me Friday.

PN LOVED the craft store, probably because she creates all day. No joke. you folks have not seen the likes of this level of crafting from a child. If she is not painting, she is drawing, or making a book, or a bracelet.....I think she would move into Micheals.

It was off to the beauty salon to purchase hair care stuff, the grocery store....long day.

Watched the Huskers loose.

Ate dinner, and while dining, an impromptu meeting was called to order.

It was the "we need a dog meeting"....

Discussion time 1 hour.

The kids hilarious. They were serious as heart attacks. PN, and her Father on the Yea team. SR and I on the Nay. It was a long and serious debate. The kids soooo serious, DH and I had tears in our eyes from trying not to laugh. I wish i had it on video.....both children are soooo animated. I have no clue as to where they get it.

Looks like SR and I lost. Heck I had all kinds of animals growing up, and I loved them all. I had snakes, frogs, a mouse, turtles, fish, (in a jar, only for 3 days) cats, name it. I loved them all, they made good friends when people did not. I did warn folks about this entire arrangement. I will not wake up in the middle of the night to take a dog out to pee or poop....not MY JOB. I woke for 3 years alone with thanks, the sleep deprivation almost drove me insane. No feeding the dog human food, the minute I see anyone feed the dog from the table, the dog will be gone.

SR and I lost the is probably time......


Some Soldier's Mom said...

Ferns: bring them in to the garage first for a week+... and get good bug/spider spray or powder from a garden center... then after 7-10 days, into the house (they do great in bathrooms as they need humidity and/or misting (be sure to get drip pans for under them!!)

dogs? easy going & easy care? Labradors. great with kids. and husbands. wonderful for moms. prefer females... no fuss no muss & very little running or aggression once spayed but protective. they shed, but can also be bathed with a quick hosing off (& they love water and have as much energy as children.) easily trained. you might look into LabraDoodle (part Lab, part poodle... all the fun of Labs but without the shed & dander!)

Sarah said...

I think I know of a job opening at Michaels if PN wants it...

ABW said...

I swore we would never have a dog. We got a cockapoo, and he is wonderful!

Peter said...

Everyone loves Pugs and Boston Terriers, easy to care for and they are the clown princes (or princesses) of the Kanine Kingdom.

Even the side that lost the battle will love a Pug.

Guard Wife said...

You are welcome to either of my dogs...or both.

And, Lord FORBID we talk about cleaning pipes....tsk, tsk.

That craft is going to be so fun! Can't wait to see pics!!