Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why so reluctant about the puppy meanie...?

Oh the reluctance of becoming a pet owner.

First off, if you know me, I DO NOT LIKE SURPRISES. (Unless it is a windfall of cash or something, which is never bound to happen)

Second, I am a preparer.

Third, I am pooped most days.

Fourth, I really do a lot around here already. (Fixing toilets, wash machines, parenting etc)

Fifth, I take owning a DOG SERIOUSLY. My childhood was spent caring for other peoples discarded animals. Not a joke.

We had 16 cats at one time, because my neighbor had a cat ( sans tail because of severe frostbite) , they did not feed, spay etc. My Father and I took pity on her, and several kittens and cared for her for years. She was the best hunter, and best momma cat ever.....

I also had an old part Pomeranian adopted dog, that had 3 good legs. WE are unsure of why it only had 3 legs, he had either been beaten or hit by a car.

There was another cat that we had to care for a while, another stray that no one would care for.

So my childhood was a sort of isle of misfit animals if you will. I take pet ownership SERIOUSLY, I have seen what happens to animals when someone "thinks" a puppy or kitty sounds like fun for a minute.

I know it is serious.

Heck why do you think we waited 10 years to have babies...

DH has admitted that he went about bringing this puppy home as a surprise was not the wisest decision he ever made.

I am guessing he did it that way because for almost our entire marriage I have SAID no to one.

I have acquiesced. There are rules, and they WILL be followed.

The puppy is very affectionate, and loves to snuggle. He is not full of crazy puppy energy, although I am guessing that will come soon. He seems laid back for this breed, which can be a little excitable and high strung. He is learning new tricks and so are we.

In good news DH and the kids have the week off, I am working an actually week with overtime! Just in time for Christmas shopping I am sort of excited at the prospect of actually having money this Christmas!

Work is BUSY, and the days go by soooo amazingly FAST.


Guard Wife said...

Please tell me that no one was giving you the business over being reluctant about taking on the huge responsibility that is a dog.

Yeah, dogs are great. They are cute. They are companions.

They are also a great expense of energy, time, money and emotion. And, when you have a young family, they are one more thing to do in a day that often is full of so much you HAVE to do that you realize things like "Why am I about to pee my pants...oh, it's because I haven't peed since NOON and it's 7 p.m." Sometimes I think people either don't have that reality as their own or don't anticipate what it would be like if they did AND had a pet or two on top of it.

Things like going away overnight, emergencies, etc. take on a WHOLE new level of tasks when you have a living thing at home that cannot be alone for days.

And, it's a commitment to THEIR lifetime which can be nearly two decades.

Now that he's there, I know you will make the best of it. I'm glad he seems mellow & I hope he stays that way.

dick said...

Also think back to what you learned from your experiences in taking care of animals. Would you deprive your kids of that same experience? Just a thought.

Sarah said...

I totally understand this. I wanted Charlie, and still I was overwhelmed by the amount of work he took. And I had no job and no kids at the time. And I was plum exhausted from trying to raise him RIGHT.

Good luck.