Friday, October 23, 2009

Halo Moon...

Tonight there is a halo around the moon. This is an indicator of bad weather...ick.

Today was the kindergarten party. DH left work early and went to volunteer in SR's class, and showed up to find the kid in the Principals office. Oye. I am glad DH took the afternoon off, just in time to be there for this...Why was SR in the OFFICE? He pulled a chair out from under a kid in music. Yea, I know, the kid really could have gotten hurt.

WE are sensing a trend here. Homeroom teacher, we adore. He listens to her, respects her. Not a problem generally. The other day, I came home to a note from the art teacher. I guess SR thought it would funny to put his hand in front of the projector. He got into trouble, and then proceeded to say the following "Have Mercy on me", about 15 times. Today the chair thing happened in music. DH and Vice Principal (who also is the director of the gifted program, and KNOWS SR) had a chat. In good news, they are keeping on his tail, and are going to modify things a bit for him. Why? Because the minute anyone lets guard down with this kid, well it will be like a house of cards. I am glad they care enough to keep working on this with us. I think one of the culprits at this time might be boredom. He only gets mentors for a brief part of the day. He is currently doing algebra, basic 4th grade algebra, but he is 7. He doe not sho his work, he does it in his head. The other mentor is Spanish. Frankly, he is not excited about this...AT ALL. He can do it, no problem, it is a memorization game for him, but he does not care, is not excited about this. (You might be saying, big deal no one is excited about school or learning) Oh he loves learning. He is currently studying the periodic table and is EXCITED. He is talking about free radicals, etc. I think we need to get rid of the Spanish mentor, keep the math mentor, and add a science mentor.

I am disappointed in his choices right now. I am hoping this will pass. And quite frankly, we are in a better place right now than I would have thought 2-3 years ago.

Still, it is exhausting. And when I hear of other folks having similar problems, I am grateful we are not the only ones.

PN's fall party went off with out a hitch. Time FLEW. Seriously. The kids were well behaved. The boys loved pumpkin bowling. LOVED it! The craft, whatever. The boys used a lot of google eyes. The girls would have made spiders all day, and could have cared less about the bowling. I was lucky enough to have 4 Moms show up to help! It was actually nice. I do not have much experience with 23 kindergarten children at one time. It was lots of bouncing, jumping, nothing big. None of the kids were bad. The story was a hit. I had lots of left over crafting supplies to school. I promised her books this year. And I need to get that DONE ASAP.

I am pooped.

My Dad called tonight, he and his girlfriend are coming down for the football game. Now I need to clean tonight and tomorrow. Yuck...I did not want to hurry....


Megan said...

Hey, you used SR's real name in the middle.

I read your status about his Halloween costume to Soldier Boy tonight. We loved the t-shirt. But it probably wouldn't satisfy him, unfortunately. :)

Have a great weekend!

Guard Wife said...

Sounds like the party was a raving success. I always thought time went by super fast too. I'd plan out all these things b/c I didn't want to be caught empty handed and then BLAMMO...time's up! :)

M1 is studying the periodic table now. Maybe a science mentor will keep his interest and help him focus his extra energy?

I need to clean too. No real motivation, though. Where DID I put that?!

Guard Wife said...

Um. I think the halo moon may have been an indicator of more than bad weather?