Monday, October 12, 2009

A case of the Mondays

Wow, what happened to the weekend?

Today is Columbus Day, which means neither of the children have school today. DH has managed to take the day off, so i did not have to pay someone to care for them today. He has also graciously volunteered to supervise a trip to the local pumpkin patch this Wednesday, because there were not enough adults! A peach.

I volunteered to go in early today, and stay later later than I normally do, as one of my coworkers had gall bladder surgery last week. I wonder what I was thinking when I volunteered to do that, because it feels terribly Monday.

The Collective were wild this weekend. Unsure of the root of this. My Sissy was here, so I suppose it could have been that. It seemed as though they had boundless energy, that could not be contained in their small bodies. That said, it might be a long winter. I must look into some physical classes for them, as swimming is over in 2 weeks. The weather will be bad, and time spent of out of doors will not be as much as i would like.

PN, has been great about entertaining herself. She is my artist, she spends hours (no joke) drawing, coloring, trying to write stories, making books, cutting things, taping things, gluing things, CREATING. Note to family, if you buy her anything for birthdays or holidays, make sure it is art related, as she will love it. Washable markers, stacks of plain white paper, paints, envelopes, beads, google eyes, craft get the picture.

SR on the other hand will be my tricky one. I must find him some science projects, etc, books of interest to keep him busy. Otherwise it will be a long winter. Of course he would play video games all day if I let him...however anything beyond 30 minutes a day , makes him act weird. So 30 minutes well it is what we try and limit it too. There is much gnashing of teeth etc. But he also knows 30 minutes is all he can handle.

I am already concerned about the Christmas break, and must arrange some sort of activity for them, day care or a day program while school is out on break....ughh dreading this. And school is actually out for an entire week the last of the month. Something called fall break. Seriously? DH had to be a peach and fit it into his schedule, as I sort of feel as though I was in no place to ask at work, since essentially they let me have the summer off....

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