Wednesday, October 07, 2009


My mechanic here in town, says he does not think it is the transmission, he drove my car around yesterday, and said, holy heck it drove fine. so the puzzle continues...Hopefully it is a less expensive puzzle.

I ordered PN's winter coat last night, and 2 long sleeved blouses. I found a coupon code on line for Lands End and saved 10 plus in shipping. The coat was also on sale for 44$. Good enough. I will still need to get both kids snow boots, and PN needs snow pants.

It is freezing here this morning, literally. 30 degrees. PN coat is not here...oye. So I ill send her in a heavy sweatshirt, gloves, and a stocking cap. It is supposed to 68 by the end of the day.

Parent teacher conferences are tonight, we start with PN. Tomorrow is SR.

Veggie soup is in the crockpot, and ready to go for this evening. I heart veggie sou with cabbage.

Tonight is also CREW for the kids at church.

Things are busy, working outside of the home is quite busy. Even if I only work 30-40 hours a week. I do not know how folks do it with serious serious jobs.

School starts in January for me, and I have some loose ends to tie up.

all is well


Guard Wife said...

I used the coupon code & ordered both girls mid-weight jackets. This time of the year is hardest because it is FREEZING in the morning and jacket-less weather by the end of the day (like you describe). And, this could go on FOREVER. They both need a new mid-weight jacket, so I bit the bullet & with the free shipping will get them both here for under $55. Sweet!

I swear, I should buy stock in Land's End.

vet66 said...

Glad your tranny is ok. We drove through Maumelle today and it was in the high 50's around noon. Spending the night in Alma watching the ducks surround our coach waiting for a handout.

On to Oklahoma City tomorrow and the Cowboy Museum.

Teresa/ride4fun said...

Wow you are really having a busy fall. I hope I can trouble you and your other readers for a favor. I have a friend in VA who runs a small dog cat and horse rescue and also does military pet fosters as needed. She is participating in an on-line contest trying to raise funds for spay/neutering in her area.
then fill in Lost Fantasy Stables Animal and Rescue Inc. state VA
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Thanks for adding to the votes,