Thursday, September 03, 2009

went ok

Walked in to work , and it felt like I had been away on a long vacation...

Everyone was friendly, it continues to be a busy, busy office.

All is well.

Rained a ton today, remind to get my umbrella out of DH's truck. I get on PN's tail about leaving her piles of things in my car, but today I was grateful, her Hello Kitty umbrella was in the car..

The rain was coming down hard, and it was cold!

All is well, the day went by very fast.

Last night we finished Season 2 of Mad Men, and were able to start watching my DVR'd season 3. I am really enjoying it, and I think Roger Sterling has the funniest lines. Seriously he cracks me up. I really am enjoying it, and am hoping to find another series to consume now.

Thanks to AirForce Wife, who continues to be a peach...I am crocheting scarves again. She sent an easy pattern, and some delicious lavender yarn, and a size P hook. Folks might get fluffy scarves again. It is nice for me to do simple projects, that do not require a real pattern...I think this scarf will look loverly with a gray tweed coat. AirForce Wife, has also been kind enough to send all sorts of things here, huge boxes. Books and learning programs for the kids, clothing, jammies...I have not had to buy PN jammies for 2 seasons now. The kids enjoyed this book in particular, heck I lie, we all enjoyed it, and it was a favorite.


Guard Wife said...

We are living parallel lives again. I constantly bemoan the condition of my backseat and have, on more than one occasion recently, used one of the M's Hello Kitty umbrellas. I'm betting we have the same one! :)

airforcewife said...

It's the pattern for the same scarf you liked so much on my Grandma!

And I think Sir Roland has totally outstripped what I have academically now. :) Although I do have a telescope (a pretty good one!) that's got to go before we head to Africa.

Maybe Sir Roland would be interested in Astronomy? :)

Sarah said...

Oh man, I just KNEW I had seen those lavendar jammies before. I bet I saw Sian wearing them once...ha.

Did you notice the handle of the Hello Kitty umbrella where Charlie had chewed it?