Friday, September 18, 2009

Keep what?

I have had some slips of the tongue..

but never like this


Erica said...

He's one of our longtime anchormen here in the City . . . it must be an inside joke . . . no idea what the hell it means.

Tammi said...

You won't find this hard to believe but I HAVE made slips like that, on the radio....that would be why I changed my major. ;-)

It's even worse now......

Sarah said...

I love Ron Burgundy.

Srsly, I still don't understand the gaff. What was that guy thinking??

vet66 said...

Too funny. It was made worse when he tried to spin it by saying he meant "Keep plucking the chicken."

Yeah right...that will work. At least now we know where the rubber chicken that is the station's mascot ended up. I'll pass on the pico de gallo at his house.