Tuesday, September 01, 2009

more proud mom moments...

The collective are doing GREAT in school, and have actually grown closer in the past week or so. They talk about shared music, computer, art, and physical education teachers...they tell one another they miss each other. The other day in the car while driving home they talked to one another about how they hoped the other did not die...it was sweet but sad. There have been a rash of fatal accidents in town, and we have missed 2 of the crash scenes by moments...there have been fatalities as well.

SR brought home his math book tonight, he has a new math mentor. He has a 4th grade book. I cannot imagine being able to do so at 7 years of age, but he seems to understand it. I am very proud of him.

PN is doing well, and is enjoying herself. She was sad no one has mentioned her new cool shoes. She has a girl from her pre k in her class. Thank goodness. She is now in charge of shelving books in class. She is reading well, but without confidence. I am trying so hard to instill it in her. She is becoming a tremendous artist! Today she was all about poodles! They were all different colors.

Both children have been on green since school started. This means both are respectful, and following rules....This is HUGE. Especially for those of you who are familiar with SR. He does not require special cool down times so far this year, the noise does not seem to bother him....and there is noise. There are 870 students in his school.

I am so pleased with our school district. I cannot tell you!

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