Sunday, September 13, 2009

breaking through

This week promises to be an interesting one. The first week with ALL activities. First test tomorrow swim @ 4:45, and 5:15pm for The Collective. I have to pack swimsuits, towels, goggles, and some sort of after school dinner to eat in the car. Homework, church, etc. WILD. In addition we are very excited to have MIL coming! Hi MIL!! She is arriving Wednesday at 3:00pm. Which means I need to wash bedding, and clean the bath in the basement. She is bring a friend from work, so I better clean that room up too.

I hadn't started back to work when we planned the visit initially, so I will not get to spend the days with her. DH did however take some time off, so he will be able to spend some quality time with her.

We have a wedding, and family reunion of sorts this week as well....forgive any lack of posting, and do not worry.

On a side note I decided to have Thanksgiving here this year...

This weekend beat me to a pulp. My Sister came this weekend DH was gone. Saturday was all sissy, a girlfriend her husband, and 3 boys came. The boys had a great time. And her youngest is such a doll....his spirit is sweet and happy. I did not fix lunch out of laziness, and we went out for a pizza luncheon! It was fun. This morning, it was church, and my Sissy had car problems, we had to find a Sunday mechanic, drop the car off on one end of town, take PN to a birthday party on the other end of town...I was in the car for 2 1/2 was wonderful, and we spoke of forgiveness....

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Guard Wife said...

So when you say you're having Thanksgiving, can you go ahead and e-mail me the dates so M2 and I know when to book our flight? Do you think I can carry-on my side dish or should I just plan to make it in my hotel room? ;)