Thursday, September 17, 2009

up down turn around..

He did it. SR managed to turn his week around.

After school today, he ran across the school yard smiling.

He said "guess what I got another mustang award!" "The teacher announced, now this little guy had a bumpy start this week, and when she said that I knew it was me!"

Earlier this week he got in trouble for throwing an absolute fit when loosing a game of chess to his mentor. She is a dental student btw, of course the 20 something will beat you in chess....He hates loosing, and we play game almost every single night, hoping to drill this in his head. We do not let him win, when he flips out, he is taken out of the game...Unsure what else to do. We have explained good sportsmanship ad naseam. He also got in trouble in art, because he became fixated with the rubber cement, and choose not to listen to his teacher as he messed with it.

Anyway both of those things, set him up to feel lousy about himself, because he knew better, and normally this might perpetuate more ill behavior, but we had a meeting, gave him a peep talk, and he turned it around.

100% on his fourth grade math test
100% on his Spanish quiz
100$ on his spelling test
Good behavior while playing yahtzee with his mentor

He is learning how to turn it around, and not get stuck, in his very bad, no good, horrible days!

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vet66 said...

Show him how to "Castle" his king and rook behind the three pawns on one of his opening moves. Leave the three pawns covering the king and rook alone as long as possible to protect from diagonal "checks" from a sneaky bishop or queen.

Chess is a much better game for teaching analysis than checkers. It will prepare him for algebra and geometry down the road.

Happy face for the collective from Sodus Point, New York. Heading for Bar Harbor/Acadia later today.