Thursday, September 24, 2009


OK, I went to the Dr. was a dx of sinus and respiratory infection...

for some reason, all day Tuesday I was exhausted, I mean wiped. The insomniac, live on 5 hours of sleep a day wiped.

I went to work Wednesday, and today. I called my Dr. this morning to make the Collective appointments. They have bronchitis. DH took them in while i was at work.

I went after work, curled up on the exam table and took a nap. The Dr. came in, and I said, Doc, I am guessing it is pneumonia. Can we get a chest x-ray. oh btw, there is a milky spot that will show up on the right middle lobe. Bing Bing Bing, I win. Stupid allergies flared up out west, so much so that the amount of inflammation surpassed my bodies ability to get rid of mucus.


So I continue with the antibiotics, got a shot of rocephin in my ass, and a shot of prednisone. script for prednisone for the coming week.

SpouseBuzz Live San Diego I am on my way. Tammi is picking me up from the airport, and we are having dinner...I have not seen her in forever!

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