Monday, September 28, 2009

I want a re do

I have had a heck of a past few days...

Thursday after work I was diagnosed with pnuemonia, and am currently on steroids, and antibiotics...

Friday I was headed for San Diego. Packed up, hopped in the car, and headed to the airport, about 20 minutes away from the airport while in rush hour traffic, my car stalled out in the fast lane on I-80. I tried everything, and could not get it to work. I called USAA, to check and see if I had towing coverage, and I did. I waited for 45 minutes for the tow truck, and got a tow to the dealership. I did manage to miss my flight...

I paid to change the flight, $100 and got the loverly opportunity to sit in the airport until 3:15. 3:15 I was headed to Dallas, the plane sat on the tarmac forever, and we got a late start, so I missed my connecting flight. Go team! Got a call from the mechanic, saying my transmission went out...$$$$$ PUKE.

Got to sit in the airport until 8:'ish. Arrived in San Diego at God knows when.

I did arrive to find the loverly Tammi, who actually had been WAITING for me all day in Sand diego, we had planned on going out to the beach for lunch to catch up, as it has been 2 1/2 years since I have been able to see much for that...( Go read her account, she took me on a tour of San Diego!)

She greeted me with the biggest hug, and a box of See's chocolate, a bag of dark chocolate almonds, and an entire bag of goodies and gifts. It was a relief to see her, as it was a horrible no good, very sucky, icky stinky day......she lifted my spirits.

SpouseBuzz Live Camp Pendleton, was a successful event many attendees! Which is always good. The SpouseBuzzers managed to teach me all kinds of dances I did not know, and we sang all night! There is no video! Thank goodness.

There is a lot more, but frankly I am wiped......WIPED. Got a call today at work that my Father is in Yankton in the hospital with kidney stones, that cannot be broken up, he will be having surgery Monday, and is spending the night in the hospital.

The kids have bronchitis, and colds, we skipped swim lessons....We are going to clean up around here, and go to bed EARLY!

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Guard Wife said...

Hope you put yourself to bed early and, unlike me who IM'd with my husband, are long asleep.

It's nearly 11, but I'm hoping I can nod off fast!

It's windy here!!