Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Teh Obama wins....

It proves one thing to me.

George Soros, has enough money, he can do almost anything.

That my friends is scary.


Anonymous said...

Darlin'...there's a whole hell of a lot that is scary to me this evening.

I'm not happy. NOt only that, but I ate too much popcorn watching to returns so I'm not happy AND I'm constipated.

This whole thing is not starting out very good for me......

Anonymous said...

I am officially sick now. :( What happened tonight, and why?

airforcewife said...

And Murtha won and Allen West lost.

I'm going to have to cling to my guns and religion, there's certainly nobody in Washington for me.

ptg said...

Ain't Democracy grand?

vet66 said...

Reality always intrudes on politics. Just like a great dream always ends when the sun rises.

Obama will have to deal with realpolitik and hard economics just as Bush did and just as McCain would have had to do.

The real challenge Obama has is how to sell his programs to the Soros crowd who will expect one thing for their money but have to settle for something more centrist.

I do not envy him the task of dealing with Pelosi and Reid and a congress controlled by both with an approval rating of 13%. Money will be spent but not on our mortgages or buying our gas as some would hope.

The real question will be from what part of the budget the money will materialize? BHO will also have to deal with those responsible for failure of oversight that led to the current crisis. What to do with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. If the Republicans had been responsible there would be talk of blue ribbon investigative committees targeting them already. That silence is deafening.

It is a new day. It is a hopeful day. Obama has two years to show his stuff. If he fails, 2010 will be brutal for the democrats. Let the games begin!