Thursday, November 13, 2008

If there is one thing I learned growing up...


I am mad today, and that is ok.

I have tried to use the anger, and do something productive with it.

I am angry at myslef for not crossing my t-s and dotting my is, making my LPN license of no use to me in my current state...although I thought I had done all of the work needed.

I will work on this, I am angry with myself.

I am going to step back though and try and give myself a pep talk today, because I need one.

My Son got his repart card yesterday. He has been working hard 3-4 on everything, 4 being the highest. I know this is particularly hard for him, in the areas of behaviors. He has not had note reporting anything strange or odd for 3 weeks.

He has a presentation tomorrow at school, on the water cycle. He has been working on researching, visual aids, and learning the information so he can present it. Sadly, I will not be there to cheer him on, as I will be in Tacoma. However, DH is going to record it for me. SR's Spanish language mentor called last night, and was impressed with what SR has accomplished in just 2 weeks, he knows the months of the year, and can count to 60, and can have small conversations in Spanish. Much better than his Mother!

He is trying hard.

PN, remains frustrated with no school, which I am trying hard to remedy. We do work here, but I promise you she is a social child, she is amazingly social, and loves people, and the craziness of life, she wants to be in the middle of it. She is amazing in her own light, and wonderful way. She is light in this house.

I did not fuss much yesterday after getting the rejection letter, within an hour I was back to sending resumes out, and filling out applications.

I have made a couple of calls this morning, a couple of them seem quite promising. We will see.

It is on the backburner until Monday morning. I have a radio show to prep for tonight, for SpouseBuzz Radio on a subject near and dear to my heart on reintegration.

I also will be traveling to Tacoma tomorrow quite early in the morning for SpouseBuzz Live.

I am hoping these two things, will help me see beyond my own selfish journey right now, and I am sure they will....

I will be doing yoga Saturday bright and early, anyone want to join me?


Anonymous said...

just wanted to take a minute, dear AWTM, and thank you for all that you do. You hold it all together (usually) and you're funny. You sound like a great mom and wife. I just wanted to express my gratitude that you share so much of yourself with us, virtual strangers.

(and my spelling verification-no joke- is spitatme...Spit At Me...)

Anonymous said...

Have fun in Tacoma. Make sure you get up to Seattle and have a little fun.

Teresa said...

On the jobs you didn't get... I know you really wanted one of them, so the only way (after you get past the mad of course) to think about it is - it wasn't the right job for you. For whatever reason.

Just like when you're looking for a place to live and maybe missing out on certain houses - it's because they aren't right for you.

Hang in there. The right one will come along. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

VAs and other federal agencies honor licenses from any state. Be sure to check during your search.